Monday, February 23, 2009

Freak on a Leash

Today a girl around 12-14 years old with a mental retardation, probably Down's syndrome, just walked into my house. I wasn't sure what was going on, and the next thing I know this kid grabs one of my kid's movies and bolts out the house. So in true Southern fashion I retrieved my head cracker from the closet and take off after her. My wife takes off after me and stops me before can get my movie back. Now I had no intention of stroking this freak unless she got violent nuts and retard strong, but I sure as hell had every intention of scaring her. Look where I come from I could have shot this little freak and it wouldn't matter a damn, so I don't see the problem with scaring her and maybe having to swat her across the teeth if she went nuts on me. Anyways this kid's mother makes her give the movie back and apologize, which is cool, but then she says, "What have I told you about going into people's houses?" Are you freaking kidding me? This kid has done this before? Now I understand the situation. This little girl should be kept on a leash until she can be properly house broken, but it is the mother who I should have given a beat down too. Look, if you know your child should be kept in a kennel and yet you let them still roam free, then you need to taken out back and be the proud recipient of 50 lashes. What the hell? You have to have a license to get a dog, you need a license to catch a fish or kill a deer. Why the hell will they just let any simple-minded idiot reproduce? Some people should be sterilized by state sanction. Just a suggestion, let's chlorinate the gene pool just a bit.