Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just one more way the world is going to hell.

Today I heard that some whack job on a bus in Canada lost his shit on a bus and stabbed the guy in the next seat like 40 times, then lopped of his head. Having ridden on a Greyhound bus, I understand the urge to do grievous bodily harm to some jerk that is unfamiliar, even is passing, with the concepts of soap and water and their uses in personal hygiene. What I don't understand is why not one person even attempted to stop this scholarship student at the giggle academy from hurting some kid who was just listening to his iPod. This is proof, at least to my mind, that the damn Canadians are no better than the French. Personally I think that in many places here in the US people would have run like sheep too, until I remember how it is in a sensible place like back home. In Texas this asshole would have been shot before he could stab this kid more than a few times. There would have been little need for the police, just a coroner and a body bag. Just goes to show people suck and it's only getting worse out there. You can only depend on yourself for your safety and society has forgotten that the best cure for a rabid animal is a well placed bullet.