Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America

The election is all over now. I can't say it better than my friend G-Man did. Just F.Y.I. he was a Cav Scout on the German Border during the Cold War. All right thinking Americans should check out his blog @ http://www.ggthoughts.blogspot.com/.


Drought Warning - Re-post

In regards the outcome of the election my only thought is to re-post something I wrote in September of 2006 that I think is especially apropos to this moment and prophetic:
Some Americans are never going to wake up to the facts. The problem is our predecessors have done their job too well.

You see a person by nature is going to always wonder if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Our fore-fathers have however won some very hard fights. They carved a nation from the wilderness and won independence for it. They spilled their blood to preserve that union against those who did not place value on the principle of freedom for all men. They went to Europe three times to prevent the spread of extremist regimes (twice Germany once Russia).

Beyond military might, they flexed their muscles also in the realm of industry and built the single largest economy on the face of the planet.

Things are damned good here and since the end of the civil war with very few exceptions people have been able to rest on the fact that their homes are safe from marauding armies. For about 140 years we've lived in the safest place on Earth.

Generations of Americans have grown up not knowing true deprivation or desperation. Children have been raised by parents that have not experienced it and those parents' parents have not experienced it.

So now comes that age old question again "is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?" Without having experienced "the other side of the fence" these spoiled children are certain that the grass is indeed greener. They do not know the true value of the peace and security that their predecessors have purchased with their blood and toil.

The pacifists cry about war and suffering and yet do not value the peace that they themselves live in.

The socialist left does not value the gift of true economic freedom.

The entitlement junkies are not thankful for the opportunity to make of themselves whatever their industry and toil can achieve.

The greener grass question has grown louder and more insistent the longer it's been since a drought. Without experiencing periods of shriveled brown grass, they have no basis for comparison. Unfortunately folks, I fear there is nothing to quell the cries of the pampered & spoiled masses short of a dry period.

Some of us who have experienced brown grass first-hand know the horror of its effect.

There are those who cry when some died in a sports stadium because the government was slow to do for them that which they should have done for themselves. They are incapable of contrasting that with the situation in another sports stadium half-a-world away where another government collected thousands of their citizens and loosed a mob of machete wielding maniacs on them. Men, women and children alike were felled under that rain of steel.

They cry about the horrors of war without having seen its effects close up and personal, but yet they delude themselves into believing they are experts on the subject. They believe that everyone must be spared the experience of seeing it and do not understand that by doing so, they are asking to see war on their own lands.

They bemoan the necessity for toil as deprivation. They want the government to cater to their every need. Yet they've never seen the sad situation when such a government closes its borders with fences, mines, dogs and troops in an effort to "protect" the people... "Protect" them from escaping that is...

Sorry folks, but I have to believe that this nation is headed for a brown-grass period. Some cry about global warming and claim that mankind is causing it, but don't understand that their own actions equate to a global warming of another kind. A kind that will soon deliver a drought of unrivalled proportions onto the lands of this nation's peace and prosperity.

I do not look forward to the drought, but I do look forward to its aftermath; a more appreciative public. Be ready when it comes as its been long delayed in coming. To quote a line from a Tool song "learn to swim"!

Thomas Jefferson was quoted as having the opinion that the government of a nation should experience an uprising of its citizenry at regular intervals to remind it who it serves. In a similar vein, I believe that the citizenry needs to experience hardship on an equally regular basis to remind them how blessed they truly are.
I fear tonight the drought has begun.

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Election ’08

Here we are on election night. I am sitting in front of my T.V. and watching the internet getting more and more depressed. Obama is ahead and I can't freaking believe it. That butt-head is probably gonna be our next president. It is a sad, sad day for America.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Last Chance for Freedom

In 24 hours we will know who our next president will be. This is everyone's last chance to do right by America. I have to admit that Obama talks a good game, hell a great game. So if you are thinking of voting for this poser, here are some thoughts to ponder. Obama wants to give a rebate to people who pay nothing in taxes. Need I say more than bread and circuses? Obama wants windfall profit taxes on the oil companies. Who do you think will pay those taxes, the oil companies or the American people? Not that Obama will mind, people not being able to afford to drive will make him happy, but it is a long 16 miles to work for me, how about you. Obama says that he respects an individual's right to bear arms. Check his voting record, he will have our guns banned quicker than you think possible. Obama wants to redistribute our wealth. So did Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Poll Pot. Communism killed 106 million, makes Hitler's holocaust look like a tea party. Obama says he will continue to support our allies such as Israel. Yet he will sit down with that whack job Mahmūd Ahmadinejād unconditionally. I wonder why large segments of the Jewish community want to vote for this guy when he is willing to sell out their mother country. So think about this and make your voice heard, there is still time to save this country. I disagree with McCain on many issues, but Obama Bin Laden scares me. Didn't we already have eight years of this type of non-sense during the Clinton Administration? Don't vote McCain. Vote conservative, we can't afford Obama.


Saturday, November 1, 2008


Make sure you vote, we can still win this thing. Don't lose hope, keep the faith and don't let the media convince you that McCain has lost. How many presidents have come from behind in the polls to win? I know it is hard to believe, but I have faith that the sheeple will do the right thing...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate

I wanna be Palin's intern. Vote MILF '08

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check This Out

Watch this video, and look up the highlights. Hopefully it will open your eyes.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Remembrance

Here we are at the seventh anniversary of 9/11 and still we haven't dealt decisively with these terrorist assholes. Osama is still out there and it seems like all America cares about making sure the big scary guard dogs don't bark at the guests in Club Gitmo.
I spent today at the rodeo listening to the REAL people of this country remember this tragedy. They flew the flag at half mast and said a prayer right out in the open. Like many of you, I spent 9/11 glued to my TV watching as thousands of innocents suffered a fiery death. Unlike most, however, my anger unlike many in this country hasn't gone away or cooled in the slightest. I feel physically ill whenever someone says that if we could only understand these people and their grievances, we could have peace.
Peace sounds good to me too, but like anyone with half a brain, liberals need not apply, I know that there are many roads to peace. The only thing the Kool-Aid drinkers have right is the need to understand our enemies. We must understand our enemies so that when we communicate with them they realize we mean business. After all if we attempt to communicate above the level these people, and I use the term loosely, and they are unable to understand, then there will never be any understanding. The only form of communication these animals understand is blood and pain and suffering.
On this note we should all demand of our so-called leaders, that real and open communication be commenced immediately. We should rain down all the blood, pain and suffering these beasts can handle. We have the technology; we can rebuild the peace faster, stronger, better. Anybody who thinks that a Tomahawk cruise missile can not be equal to a diplomatic communique? If you said yes, I invite you to visit this site and think again.
I don't give a damn if a few terrorists had to make a pyramid while nude. Water boarding, we do it to our own troops to teach resistance to questioning, and you do not hear the libs crying about them. I don't really want these people drug before a judge and jury. Let's not waste the money and time that a trial takes. Let's bring the rain, they will understand that.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just one more way the world is going to hell.

Today I heard that some whack job on a bus in Canada lost his shit on a bus and stabbed the guy in the next seat like 40 times, then lopped of his head. Having ridden on a Greyhound bus, I understand the urge to do grievous bodily harm to some jerk that is unfamiliar, even is passing, with the concepts of soap and water and their uses in personal hygiene. What I don't understand is why not one person even attempted to stop this scholarship student at the giggle academy from hurting some kid who was just listening to his iPod. This is proof, at least to my mind, that the damn Canadians are no better than the French. Personally I think that in many places here in the US people would have run like sheep too, until I remember how it is in a sensible place like back home. In Texas this asshole would have been shot before he could stab this kid more than a few times. There would have been little need for the police, just a coroner and a body bag. Just goes to show people suck and it's only getting worse out there. You can only depend on yourself for your safety and society has forgotten that the best cure for a rabid animal is a well placed bullet.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some People are too Studid to be Allowed Freedom

This afternoon I am having a cigarette during my break. I am all kicked back listening to the people around me talk. Due to the season it is all politics. This one young lady says that she is going to vote for that smarmy asshole Obama because he is, "cute and I think everyone should have health care." Not one person looked at her with disbelief. Now I can't say if Obama is cute or not, and by and large I think health care is a good thing, but I have decided that this chick is to insipidly stupid to be allowed to have a voice in the running of my country. We'll leave the cute thing aside as I am in no position to judge, but as to health care I have a few objections to a universal health care initiative. 1. English Teeth, - very frightening. 2. Canadian Health Care Waiting Periods - Most of the people I bring this point up too say it is only for elective surgery, if you need emergency care there is no waiting. Oh Really! Check this out. Now I grant that people die waiting here, but that is because of an openly cold and indifferent system as opposed to crappy service. I personally would rather be ignored by people who do not care than someone who really really is trying there best to help me. 3. Do you really want the idiots who let Wall Street fall, White Water and any number of other shenanigans happen in charge of your health. The idea frightens me, it really does. Many people like Obama, well good on them, I think they hate America and hate themselves. What other explanation for supporting a communist. But if you are gonna vote for the guy, at least know his policy, not cause he is cute. People like that should not be allowed to vote. Their pervasive idiocy proves it beyond a doubt. How can the future of our nation rest in the hands of people like this?

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Leopard Does Not Change Its Spots

So as everyone should know by now, the Soviets have invaded a foreign nation. Now Joe Blow America may think this doesn't matter to him. Of far more importance to are the prices of a gallon of gas or milk. The better informed of my readers know the deeper repercussions of this conflict, but for those who don't, here it is.

First there is a major oil pipeline out of the Hell Pit, the Middle East, which runs right through Georgia. The Soviets lust for control of this pipeline in a bid to control the flow of oil. As with all war, it is merely armed robbery writ large. If you think the commies controlling more of the world's oil supply won't affect prices at the pump then I suppose that respiration, chewing gum and walking all at the same time comes as a big intellectual challenge for you.

Secondly the Soviets are trying to recapture the glory of the empire they once held. Invading Georgia is but the first step. The next step is to attempt to retake the other lost "provinces." There is a reason that four other presidents from former Soviet Bloc countries have closed ranks behind Georgia. They see the way the wind is blowing. Putin, since he has come to power, has made his goal to recapture the nations that broke away after the fall of the Soviet Union. This is so obvious that a blind man could see it. This is naked and brazen Soviet imperialism.

So at this point the question becomes where are the protesters? Where are the no blood for oil and other anti-imperialistic slogans? They are here, making sure that the American people do nothing. They berate us for trying to aid other peoples realize freedom through self determination. They scream at imagined acts committed by America but done in reality by these commie bastards. They ensure that we can not help our freedom loving brothers in the former Soviet bloc. In the best tradition of the modern Democratic Party and "Big Joe" Kennedy these appeasers want us to give the Soviets carte blanche in the region.

Let's consider this scenario for a moment. A nation with imperialistic aspirations sends in insurgents of a "shared cultural heritage" to cause trouble. The local government moves to stop the unrest. Under a thinly veiled guise of peacekeeping forces, the imperialistic wannabes send in troops to protect the people of the "shared cultural heritage." Next thing you know we have a nation under occupation. Does any of this sound familiar? Does this sound like the Russian/Georgian conflict? It should, but this is not the conflict of which I speak. This is the methodology that Hitler used to justify the invasion and occupation of Austria. Using a stalking horse is a time honored justification for visiting all manner of nastiness on your neighbors.

I recently read an article in the New York Times describing how the world at large has left the Soviets no other options other than military action for dealing with the issues they have with Georgia. The world has turned a blind eye to the plight of Mother Russia and the insurgents that they have infiltrated into their neighbor. These are two of the very same arguments that "Big Joe," Neville Chamberlain, and the surrender-monkey (French) president used to justify a policy of systematic appeasement of Hitler and Nazi Germany. Who do these clowns think they are fooling? They think they are fooling you. What's worse, by and large, they are. It is only human nature to believe, "What I tell you three times must be the truth."

America must stand up to the "Traditional Enemy." We should give Georgia, and any former Soviet vassal state, expedited NATO membership. We tried this already but it was blocked by the surrender-monkeys and the Germans. To hell with them I say. Since America can't seem to gather the will to oppose our so called NATO allies, I propose that we send our own peacekeepers. Maybe we should send humanitarian aid. I suggest a carrier task group and the 1st infantry division. We will quickly see if the Sovs have the stomach to occupy a nation friendly to America with 10,000 soldiers and two carriers sitting off their coast loaded with war shots. Alas this is not to be. None of the gutless wonders in Washington will stand up for our brothers abroad. At times like this I wonder what Reagan would do? I can tell you this, he would do nothing. He would do nothing because he wouldn't have too. The Soviets would never stand against a strong nation led by a man of such determination and will. They would cower before the man who broke their nation once before, not by conquest but by giving them the rope, inviting them to insert their heads and pull the shiny lever. The world knew that the sheriff was in town, and wouldn't dare make a move under his gaze. Reagan knew that whatever they called themselves, a Soviet is still a Soviet, and a leopard NEVER changes its spots, even if you wish ever so hard. Maybe we should find another leader like that.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Old Posts for a New Blog

I am transferring all of my blog posts from mySpace due to all of the viruses I get just from going there, and all the leftist kiddies I have to put up with. So I hope you all enjoy my humble thoughts and musings on the leftist destruction of my once great nation, and my efforts to hold back the flood. Enjoy!