Saturday, August 29, 2009

Marine Tells It Like It Is

This Marine might very well be my new personal hero. Everyone should listen to what this Veteran had to say at a town hall meeting. I highly recommend this video. It is funny, poignant and He really tells off Representative Brian Baird. By the way Congressman.....Don't touch my health care and stay away from my kids as well.

Tip O' the Hat to Lars Larson for bringing this to our attention.



G-Man said...

LOL! Hell yeah!

miradena said...

RWE - Great video! He speaks, (er, shouts), so eloquently for so many of us! It's sad that the words have to be said - but it's great that we are all shouting them at the same time. "We ARE mad as hell and we are NOT gonna take it anymore!"

Right Wing Extreme said...

I thought you would like that G-Man. Thank you for the hat tip and the re-post.

Right Wing Extreme said...


First, thank you for reading. I am especially pleased that this brave Marine lives in the state I currently have the displeasure to be stuck in. It shows that not everyone here is a left-wing loon. I agree that we need to keep the pressure and the volume up. If we do, we can win this fight, if not, they will force one more principle of socialism upon us. Keep the heat up, the faith pure and your powder dry.