Tuesday, September 15, 2009

American Patriot/Hero of the Week

I got this from The Conservative Resistance. I wanted to comment on Joe Wilson and his stand against The Chosen One, but I was not sure where to put it. Then it struck me, this was the action of a patriot. This man plainly said what so many of us are feeling, and is now staring down criticism not only from the drive-bys, but also cowards on his own side of the aisle. Bravo Joe. Go for broke, and remember, we are behind you. Help support Rep. Joe Wilson. You will not be sorry.

"You Lie!"

My new hero. Seems I have a lot of those lately, probably because more and more people are beginning to stand up in the face of a quickly-rising totalitarian regime. Of course, those on the left will disagree with a sanctimonious snicker; after all, they couldn't possibly be indirectly supporting National Socialism, now could they? They're far too enlightened for that. Lest we forget this passage from one of my recent posts:

All of this caused American progressives to do three things: First of all, they denied ever supporting Mussolini and fascism in the first place. Secondly, they shifted their hero-worship to fascism's closest cousin: revolutionary communism. And, thirdly, they created the myth that fascism and communism were not only ideologically distinct but that they were polar opposites. Fascism was the far right, and communism was the far left. Obviously liberals couldn't have ever supported fascism: that was the wrong side of the political spectrum!

The notion that fascism and communism are ideologically opposed has never made any sense. The prototypical fascists--the Nazis--were the national socialist party of Germany.

Remember - he who snickers last, snickers best.

CITIZEN WELLS, who has been providing in his blog even more in-depth discussions of the serious nature of this issue, chimes in with even more in his post from today:

The Citizen Wells blog began warning of the striking similarities between the Obama camp and Nazi Germany early in 2008. Why did I do so early on? I am a student of history, I have read quite a bit about Nazi Germany and I was paying attention and investigating Obama,the spectre of the Obama camp reminding me of pre World War II Nazi Germany.

As time went by, I became increasingly concerned that history was indeed repeating itself. As I observed the election cycle play out and the escalating attacks on anyone questioning Obama and numerous death threats made on many, including myself, I was convinced that we had another Nazi Germany in the Obama Camp. I have written many articles on this subject since the first.

Just two days ago, the Citizen Wells blog wrote:

“Protocol, following societal norms, or marching lock step, prevented Adolf Hitler and the Japanese military from being stopped leading up to World War II. Just think, if there had been more people like SC representative Joe Wilson that had stood up and called Adolf Hitler a liar soon enough. One person for the good or evil can make a difference.”

Nazi Germany could have used some Joe Wilsons.

Today we have another clear manifestation of Nazi principles and practices in the attacks on SC Representative Joe Wilson for speaking the truth. From Fox News, September 11, 2009.

Democrats Give Wilson Ultimatum: Apology or Punishment
House Democratic leaders announced Friday they will discipline Republican Rep. Joe Wilson next week if he does not apologize on the floor of the House for yelling “You lie” at President Obama during Wednesday’s joint address to Congress.

Democrats say they do not know what the sanction will be, but it is doubtful it will be censure. Censure in the House is a type of reprimand. Another alternative is an official rebuke.

At the time of Wilson’s outburst, the president was announcing that his health care reform bill does not cover illegal immigrants, a position that Wilson apparently didn’t believe.

The episode shocked lawmakers of both parties. Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stared daggers in Wilson’s direction after the shout.

The discipline will not come until Tuesday at the earliest. The full House votes on the resolution. If the House approves the resolution, Wilson will then stand in the well of the House as his punishment is meted out by Pelosi, presiding from the dais.

This decision is a reversal by the speaker, who told FOX News after the speech she saw no need for discipline. At her weekly news conference Thursday, Pelosi reiterated that stance and said she wanted to move forward with health care.

But Democrats changed course Thursday afternoon after a leadership meeting in Pelosi’s office.”

Read more:


Well, anyway, let me say this about Joe Wilson's outburst: he speaks for me, and protocol be damned. What is being 'polite' going to get us? I'll tell you what it'll get us....further destruction of the country. It's time to think outside the box of the Constitution, people, because if we don't, there won't be much of a Constitution left to defend.

Even Leonidas realized that truth in his particular situation, a situation that indirectly led to the development of Western Civilization. Ah, Western Civilization - that's just so...so..'yesterday', isn't it? Time for some 'change'. Oh, and some 'hope', too....can't forget that.

Rep. Wilson's outburst was more than his pointing out the obvious about the healthcare bill in specific and the Messiah more generally; that was the voice of common-sense Americans trying to take back their country after four f***ing decades of being told that they have to apologize for being a citizen of an organized country, of a successful country, for being white, male, Catholic, intelligent, successful, and anything else that runs contrary to worshipping at the altar of political correctness.


Oh, and by the way - something that I pointed out in my book - any idea where the term 'political correctness' came from? You got it - 1920's Russia, a time when the people of that country were being forced to undergo a ruthless social transformation at the hands of the Bolsheviks. How did that work out for them, by the way?

Yes, Rep. Wilson speaks for me. I have no intention of living under the thumb of the National Socialist regime.

Oh, and just for curiosity's sake: was Harry Reid forced to apologize when he called President Bush a 'loser' and a 'liar'? Were the Democrats as a group admonished in any way when they literally 'booed' President Bush during one of his speeches to congress? Was Nancy Pelosi called on the carpet for her claim that the CIA 'lied' to her?

Again, just curious.

9/11 was our day to mourn; 9/12 is our day to bring some pain.

“The organization of our press has truly been a success. Our law concerning the press is such that divergencies of opinion between members of the government are no longer an occasion for public exhibitions, which are not the newspapers’ business. We’ve eliminated that conception of political freedom which holds that everybody has the right to say whatever comes into his head.”…. Adolf Hitler

Geez, that sounds kinda like our media, doesn't it?

The drive-by media, which at this point is completely complicit in the situation in which we find ourselves, will no doubt do one of two things (or both) in response to today's history: they'll most likely do their damndest to ignore it with their hands over their ears and pretend it's not happening, or, when the crescendo reaches the point when it clearly no longer can be ignored, they'll do their best to ridicule, demean, and make fun of (just like spoiled kids, which is something else that I've been desperately trying to point out) honest, everyday people.

Yes, those members of the MSM are just really nice people. Yessir.

The news is dead. It went to the internet.

I honestly hope that nothing bad happens today, but if something of a civil-unrest nature does break out, I can assure you it will be from the tantrum-throwers on the left, because, just like little kids, they just want the adults to 'leave them alone' and to 'shut up'. After all, we're ruining all the fun. I hope everyone understands the tinderbox quality of what is going in in Washington, as well as to be prepared for some potential real badness in the immediate future.

Will the message resonate with our - um - 'elected' officials? Doubtful. They're so arrogant, out-of-touch, and believe so seriously in their own elitist superiority that they'll never be able to cross the mental divide in order to even begin to identify with the feelings of middle America.

Here's to hoping the real 'change' begins today.

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