Saturday, September 5, 2009

F%@$*#& Fascist!

This is in honor of Mr. J.L. Watts who called me a Fascist in this post. This is a clip from one of my favorite movies, The Big Lebowski. This is not meant as an insult to anybody, including Mr. Watts, it is just the first thing that came to my mind after reading his comment. I think that this clip is the reason his comment amused, rather than irritated, me, and incited me to invite him back. Warning: Contains Naughty Language!


Teresa said...

Right Wing Extreme,
J.L. Watts is the fascist here. And, J.L. proves it by calling you one because of you showing dissent to Obama. No other President in history gave worksheets to school children to fill out. All I heard during the Bush years was that dissent is a good thing. Well, that applies now, too. Oh!! But Watts and liberals are selectivists and a bunch of hypocrites. We conservatives believe in freedom for all. But, that's the difference between Libs and conservatives. Liberals don't believe in freedom for all,only when it fits their agenda.

Anonymous said...

J.L.Watts like all Liberals is a clueless nitwit.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Welcome back and thank you for reading. Good points one and all. I find myself in agreement with you and appreciate you coming to my defense.

Right Wing Extreme said...


Also welcome back to you. J.L. (Joel) is most likely a liberal and sees the world through a certain lens. My prejudices about liberals aside, I do not think he is a nitwit however. After all we see the world through the conservative lens. This makes our perspectives different and opposed, but does not necessary make him stupid. Misguided, in my opinion, but after reading his post, I do not feel he is a nitwit. I have even invited him to join in debate, to which he has, tacitly at least, agreed. Now he has not said in so many words he agrees, but by returning and following the stream of talk, I am going to take it as agreement. Stay tuned however, this will probably be interesting and enlightening.