Saturday, September 5, 2009

Debate on Right Wing Extreme?

I recently received a comment on this post that I wish to address. Mr. J.L. Watts of The Church of Jesus Christ fides quaerens intellectum wrote:

You need help. I bet you didn't say this when Reagan addressed us after the shuttle went down or when 41 did it.


I responded to his comment with a rather long comment of my own, that I will not repost, but invite you to read it. I attempted, and feel I succeed, in a respectful and intelligent retort. I have also invited Mr. Watts to return to explain his comments and join me in debate. Here is the e-mail I sent to Mr. Watts:

J.L. Watts,

Sir you recently posted a comment on my blog. I received your email address from your blog, which I found to be educational. I thank you for reading, if not the rather rude insult. I have chosen to attempt to engage you in discourse at my blog, and as such have written this e-mail to invite you to return and post a response of your own. I feel I was respectful and have no intention of attacking you to boost readership or other insidious motives. I wish merely to address your views and engage in honest debate. I ask that if you choose to not return that you do me the courtesy of emailing back to let me know. I hope this missive finds you in good health, and look forward to hearing from you, and possibly debating.

Cordially Yours,
Right Wing Extreme

Here is a link to the post you commented on:

I hope to hear from Mr. Watts soon and will update if he chooses to do so.


Anonymous said...

Hell Fire my friend. Good job not ducking for cover, but returning fire back.

Obama wants to brain wash our kids, Reagan just wanted them to understand the magntude of the crisis of the shuttle disaster - in that lays the difference.

J. L. Watts said...

Oh, yes, 'The Black Guy wants to brainwash our white children'.

Let me add to Fascist the word racist

Oh, and I am subscribing to this post.

And please, call me Joel.

Right Wing Extreme said...


I have said many times before that I will not back down. I will stand up to all the libs can throw at me and ask for more. I even invited J.L. (Joel) to come back, as you have seen. Being that he has returned and is now following, I am taking it as agreement. Not only do I never run, I invite them into the den to speak honestly and frankly about their beliefs. It should be educational and entertaining.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Welcome back. I admit to the possibility, but not the likelihood, of being a fascist. I asked before on what grounds do you base such assertions on? I am also going to address this outside of comments on the main page.

J. L. Watts said...

All conservatives are nascent facists. As you note, you are an extremist, having things only your way. And frankly, your way is wrong.

Right Wing Extreme said...

My response to Joel is posted in the comments section here: