Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shot While Attempting Escape?

At this point the news of how is a bit garbled, but what is not in doubt, Muammar Gadhafi is dead. The story varies from NATO shooting up his escape convoy, shot while trying to escape, shot resisting arrest to executed by a rebel with a 9MM. I am glad that Libya will be spared the cost and hassle of a trial. We have seen how trying these dictators is rarely good for the country. Hopefully the fighting will start to wind down and Libya can close this chapter of their history. I congratulate the Interim Government on this victory and wish you luck as you transition to a stable and permanent form of government. Just be mindful of the mistakes of the past so that you do not repeat them. Adios fucker.  Enjoy your stay in Club Hell, you can check out, but you can never leave.


Ron R said...

Good-bye and good riddance Muammar!
Now we need to say another good-bye at the ballot box to another tyrant. To that end I've created a Defeat Obama in 2012 I you wish to add your site to this widget and to your blog visit the site and leave me a comment to that effect. Its great for the upcoming election next year and will in the end net you side benefits of more exposer for your site and thousands of additional backlinks. You are already linked to one of my many site "Obama Cartoons" and of course I linked back. Visit the site and checkout the widget.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Thanks for reading. I very much enjoy your Obama Cartoons site. I have added your new site to my "Blogs that Think Right". I most assuredly wish to be added to the effort to oust the Marxist. I appreciate the add and the link back. Keep your powder dry, it is about to get interesting.

Ron Russell said...

Damn, you got the widget up quick. Looks good! I will have to check on the "get this Widget" link at the top it should have been over the image of Obugger! I'll go ahead and update the widget on all my blogs, but like I said other blogs will be emailed updates sometime after the 1st. It is about to get interesting and being an old hunter my powder is always dry!!!

Right Wing Extreme said...

I try to meet my commitments in a timely fashion. I have an idea about why the link is now misplaced, but I will email directly with that thought. We better be careful talking about powder, Napolitano and her PC Thought Police will be after us. :P

Z said...

Did you hear his family's SO OUTRAGED that this happened? LIke they're surprised?
Loving stories about Gadhafi's help to Africa and how Malians in particularly will "miss his generosity".....gad. I guess they missed the part where he aided and abetted African murderous DICTATORS?

Ya, his family's got BIG NERVE. No family can be happy about an awful death of their father, but to think their unhappiness and indignation comes first over Libya's people is even more outrageous than Gadhafi's actions!

Meanwhile, the daughter and wife will live in splendor and luxury the rest of their lives; he had to have put money in Switzerland or something.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Of course they were outraged. I bet the mothers of serial Killers get upset too. Being upset about something is their right, but that should not stop anyone from doing the right thing, removing monsters in human form so the can no longer hurt society. Honestly I believe Gadhafi was a philanthropist and threw money all over Africa. I mean who else is going to finance Al-Shabaab? If their was any justice, someone would confiscate their ill gotten gains, and return it to the Libyan people who it was stolen from.

It is a real pity that the Libyan's are going to go Sharia. Personally I would not give a damn as long as they do not harm our citizens. Unfortunately the ones that go Sharia tend to be the ones who engage in terrorism, and we are their biggest, and favorite, target. The upside is we have known for a long time were the important targets are in that country, just the names and faces have changed.

Devon said...

Good-bye and smart riddance Muammar!
Now we want to mention another good-bye at the ballot box to a different tyrant

Right Wing Extreme said...

Amen o that brother. God willing and the crick don't rise, we will see the back of the worst President to occupy the office since this great nation was founded. Mr. President, don't leave angry, just leave. Thanks for reading Devon.