Saturday, September 5, 2009

Debate Right Wing Extreme 2.0

I recently invited J.L. Watts, who has asked me to call him Joel, to enter discussions here at RWE. He has said that he will follow this blog and posted another comment, so I am taking this as tacit agreement. Welcome Joel, please call me John. I have a few rules for all who choose to enter this debate.
1. No Insults. If you want to attack anyone, please have evidence to back it up. i.e. Due to his desire to stifle debate and force his view to be the only one heard, I think JohnQBlogger is a fascist.
2. I believe in The Constitution, all of it, and as such abhor censorship. Having said that, I do not like to delete comments, but I will if I find it to be offensive. Being that I have a high tolerance for such, it will have to be pretty rude, immoral or way beyond the bounds of good taste.
3. Be respectful. See rule 1 and 2.
I guess that is it for now, and hopefully more rules will not be necessary, as I believe in freedom with all my heart, and do not want to be forced into stifling it here. The last time I responded to a readers comments, a wise blogger, Euripides over at Self Evident Truths said, "Set your own agenda and say what you want to say. This is your blog, not Anon's." What he, and others, did not realize is, I want dissent on RWE. Most of the comments I get are in agreement with what I have to say, or G-Man at The Pickle messing with me. Not that I do not appreciate the fact that I have an audience that thinks like I do, but it is good to have your views and opinions challenged. It is also better to interact with your readers than to pontificate at them. Having said that, Joel is here at my invitation. That is why I have posted rules of respect and courtesy. I would no more let a guest on my site be insulted, than I would in my home. I hope everyone enjoys the debate and gets an education.

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