Saturday, September 5, 2009

Response to Joel

In his first comment Joel wrote (see comments of this post):
You need help. I bet you didn't say this when Reagan addressed us after the shuttle went down or when 41 did it.

I responded to his comment with a rather long comment of my own, that I will not repost in its entirety, but invite you to read it. (it can be found by following the link above)
Mostly I say why I do not believe I am a fascist, and why, specifically, I object to The Chosen One's designs on our children. I also defended Joel's typo. There but or the grace of spell checker go I. Joel then responded:
Oh, yes, 'The Black Guy wants to brainwash our white children.

Let me add to Fascist the word racist

Oh, and I am subscribing to this post.

And please, call me Joel.
Joel, I ask again, on what grounds am I a fascist? I am unable to refute or confirm this without knowing the basis of your argument. You may have decided to simply throw out a label so you could enjoy me attempting to defend my views, but I chose to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you just have not gotten around to explaining the foundation of this assertion. I know who and what I am, and feel I see myself clearly. I feel no need to defend myself or my views from a so far groundless accusation. If you can justify the accusation, then I will defend my positions, views and opinions, else I suggest you let it drop.

As for a racist, well the only one who has brought up race or skin color, is you. I will offer evidence later, but for now let me say, I do not care if it is a black man corrupting our children. I do not want anyone, male, female, black, white or otherwise influencing our children. I feel it is a parents job to raise their children and instill moral sense into them. When those children are older, it is up to them to discern the moral and political compass for themselves, but until then a parent must stand guardian over their lives. I honestly take it to heart that a person should be judged by the content of their characters and not the color of their skin. I also posit that when I see The Chosen One, I do not see black, all I see is Commie Red. I am not a racist, at worst, I am a politicist in that I dislike some people based on their politics. I really dislike liberals, and loath socialists and communists. That is not to say that I dislike or hate the person. I have a few liberal friends, but find most socialists and communists to be distasteful as people, and as such, choose to associate with them as little as possible.

As no man can prove a negative, I offer the following evidence that I am not a racist. I have never in all of my writings asserted that minorities were less than equal to white people. I also have no problems with homosexuals, as long as they keep their hands off of me, nor the religion of any other. I find some religions weird, and a few even disturbing, but that does not, by and large, effect how I interact with them. I have said before, that I come from a very diverse family. My oldest sister married two different black guys and has two mulatto sons. I have not associated with this sister in nine years, not because she married black men, but because of some inter-family strife she caused that has little to nothing to do with her husbands, and none to do with their color. I have not been able to talk with her youngest due to her call blocking my family because of that inter-family strife. My middle sister married and honest-to-god hillbilly, coal miner's son from Buckhannon, West Virginia. The youngest sister married an Arab Muslim from the Kingdom of Morocco. They also have two kids who are awesome. My brother married an Okkie, I have since found out that she is from Massachusetts, and has two beautiful daughters (but not as cute as mine j/k). I married a damned yippie from the great Northwest who is slowly being deprogrammed from the brain-washing she received at WWU in Bellingham, WA (a sanctuary city for both illegal aliens and AWOL soldiers). I am Scots/Irish, English with a little German and Cherokee and (unfortunately) maybe some French (damn surrender monkeys). I was raised Catholic, but have Mormon family on my mom's side. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, can speak Spanish and some French and Japanese. I can also curse a bit in German (a great language to swear in). One of my family's friends, for many years, is a flaming homosexual, and I was good friends with a lesbian couple before their break up destroyed all of our friendships.

Granted my eldest child does not play with many black children, but being that their are all of around forty in the town I live in, that is not to surprising. She does however play with many kids of native descent, and a mixed bag of other minorities. She is sensitive to racial injustice, but does not worry or fret about the mere possibility of it, only when it really happens.

So I ask again, how do you justify your comments Joel? Attacking me does not change the fundamental wrongs that The Chosen One is perpetrating against our nation as a whole, and now our children. I understand that I am strident, but that is because I will not let anyone, not even the president, interfere with my children. I fail to understand how this makes me racist, fascist or even a bad person. I am hoping that you can enlighten me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Right Wing Extreme said...

Received comment:
J. L. Watts said...

All conservatives are nascent facists. As you note, you are an extremist, having things only your way. And frankly, your way is wrong.

September 5, 2009 5:42 PM

Right Wing Extreme said...

Your assertion that all conservatives are fascists, nascent or otherwise, is simply false. It makes as much sense as me saying that all liberals are communists. Just like anything involving humans, variety is endless. I do not quite "note" that I am an extremist. It is a moniker that I took on to poke fun at Napalitano. Her national security paper on right wing extremists came out at the same time I was moving my blog over from MySpace. I also do not understand how you figure I would like things all my own way. The very act of inviting you to discuss things here in the open, instead of just deleting your comments and ignoring you, are the antithesis of fascism. Your comments are not the thoughtful posts I read at your blog. They are epitaphs and name calling without support. In every response to you, and your statements, I have provided evidence or proof to support my arguments. You have fallen into a paradigm of liberals and fools, to whit emotion and unsupported statement, as opposed to logical, factually supported, argument. I hope to have better form you in the future. I will make it easy and put out specific talking points:
1. What specifically makes me think I am a fascist?
2. What specifically makes me think I am a racist?
3. What is so good about your way (i.e. liberalism)?
4. What makes liberalism a superior world view compared to conservatism?

Freedomnow said...

All you have to do is quote Joel's nonsense, "All Conservatives are nascent fascists".

That is self-refuting garbage.

Hell, even a rightwing extremist like myself wouldnt say that "All Leftwingers are nascent fascists"...

Its not that I couldnt come up with all kinds of contrived evidence to support saying that all Leftwingers are nascent fascists. No, its easy to stretch the truth. I just wouldnt stoop to such a low level as Joel is comfortable with.

Right Wing Extreme said...

It is not so much that is self-refuting garbage, but that Joel has yet to make an intelligent argument despite my invitations and exhortations that he do so. I have read his blog, and Joel is not unintelligent, quiet the contrary. As to why he is making drive-by comments instead, I will not hazard a guess, but so far he has not put forth one well reasoned response. Instead he is using the common neo-lib tactic of baseless insult. I think it shows a certain knee jerk, lack of cognizant thought reaction that the left is famous for. This tactic has work well for them in the past, but here at RWE, if you can not form cogent argument, then you are decried. I hope to have better from Joel in the future, but he has not yet returned. It will be interesting to see if he does, and what type of response he makes, if any. At the very least, Joel help to make my point that liberals are not interested in debate, only in forcing through their message. It is funny that that is exactly why Joel said we conservatives are fascists. Just some food for thought. Thanks for reading Freedomnow.

Freedomnow said...

The logic-free method of leftwing and paleo-conservative blogging is fascinating.

You are guilty simply for your identity. Joel would have made an excellent judge for a Stalinist purge trial or the White Rose trials or the Maoist Cultural Revolution.

Right Wing Extreme said...

Personally I do not think that our leftists are going to bother with trials.